the recommendation of R programming (R studio) in Udemy!!

Hi, now I have studied data analysis, and programming. In this studying, I study R programming. R is good at dealing with statistics, and comparing with other languages, R is quite easy to understand if you were not programmer. I made use of a lot of books, but cannot continue…. Udemy’s R course is quite good for me, and you!!

This time, I would like to recommend Udemy, which is online courses, kind of coursera or edx. The course name is R programming A-Z: R for Data Science with Real Excercise.

In this course, you can take 10.5 hours online lecture, and the price is quite cheap. Udemy always bargained every courses.

This course is about The fundamental R programming (with R studio), Matrices, Data Frames, and visualization with GGplot2.

Of course, the most important point of online course is to continue… but this video is quite good cost performance!
After you complete the course, you can get the certification.


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